A one-of-a-kind haunted experience


Nothing is scarier than the unexpected. From Penny’s Playhouse to our brand-new Monster Movie Matinee, we specialize in terrors unlike any you’ve seen.

Five haunted experiences. Five frights to survive.

Think you have what it takes to survive Fright Nights? Think again. With five haunted adventures to choose from, harrowing surprises await every kind of thrill-seeker. Whether you choose to brave the perils of Lady Lamson’s Cursed Voyage or the demented cries of The Devil’s Dungeon Slide to Hell, even the hardiest horror fans will want to sleep with a light on.


Between our state-of-the-art set design and talented actors, you’re sure to see why USA Today included Fright Nights in their list of The Best 20 Haunted Attractions in the Northeast!

Zazzara Family | Fright Nights
Fright Nights

The Monster Movie Matinee

This Hollywood hell is sure to push you beyond the edge of your seat as you plunge into the world of the silver screen. Prepare for an immersive experience that will redefine fear itself.

Fright Nights

Devil’s Dungeon Slide to Hell

Journey straight to the depths of hell in this flame-stoked haunted experience. As you wind through endless turns and witness the eternal torment of the damned, remember: you are past salvation.

Fright Nights

Burgen Manor

With frights fit for a discerning lord or lady, Burgen Manor is no ordinary haunted house. Keep your wits about you as you lurch through its corridors—and watch out for uninvited guests.

Fright Nights

Lady Lamson’s Cursed Voyage

3-D technology meets boundary-pushing set design in this terrifying adventure aboard a full-size ship. Will you resist the siren calls of the sea, or succumb to a watery grave?

Fright Nights

Penny’s Playhouse

Are you ready to play? Keep your friends close and enemies closer as you navigate a maze filled with crazy killer clowns. Danger lurks around every corner in this IT-inspired fright fest.

Fright Nights

Ready to unlock terror?

Get ready for a haunted experience like no other. Think you have what it takes to brave all 5 terrors? Tickets are good for all Fright Fest adventures. This is the point of no return.



What started as a small haunt in the parking lot at the NY state fairgrounds has transformed into a state-of-the-art haunted attraction in an 82,000-square-foot factory at 1 LePage St in Syracuse.

What people are saying

“The entire event was well organized and well operated. I was honestly surprised by the quality of the staff on site. Every employee we interacted with, from the parking attendants and security personnel to the actors, was professional, well-trained, and kept everything moving frighteningly well. The attractions themselves were elaborate, creative, and delightfully frightful from start to finish.”

– Angelina DeSilvia

“Great scenery; costumes were great too! They put on an excellent show! And it’s all inside, no worries of weather!”


“Quick lines, thrilling features. Nice and scary again this year! The staff is always amazing too—security, line leaders, people in costumes, everyone.”

– Jason Armstrong


Secure your spot in line & get tickets today. You won’t regret it…