Discover the Twisted Secrets Within Burgen Manor

Though it may have once been the epitome of luxury, Burgen Manor has become a much more macabre place over the years. With frights fit for a discerning lord or lady, the manor is no ordinary haunted house. Keep your wits about you as you lurch through its corridors—and watch out for uninvited guests. If you happen to stumble upon the torture chamber, well, best of luck to you.

Created in honor of fright master Jimmy Burgen, this haunted house is sure to send more than just chills down your spine. Never let your guard down; a single misstep could spell your doom. Confident you won’t succumb to terror?

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Get ready for a haunted experience like no other. Think you have what it takes to brave all 5 terrors? Tickets are good for all Fright Fest adventures. This is the point of no return.