Experience a fright like never before in our new haunted house

Journey straight to the depths of hell in our latest haunted experience. The entrance may seem alluring, but all the fun will come to a halt in a hurry. This dungeon is brimming with endless turns and encroaching walls that writhe with the bodies of the damned, both dead and alive. If you’re able to make it past the experimental rooms and torture chambers, well…consider yourself very, very lucky. Angels and demons are all the same here.

As you wind through hell’s labyrinth and witness the eternal torment of the damned, remember: you are past salvation. Your own damnation might be just around the next corner. Ready to enter the depths?

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Get ready for a haunted experience like no other. Think you have what it takes to brave all 5 terrors? Tickets are good for all Fright Fest adventures. This is the point of no return.