Embark on this Cursed Journey to the otherworld

3-D technology meets boundary-pushing set design in this terrifying adventure aboard a full-size ship. Explore the Captain’s quarters, deck, and hull as the boards creak under your feet. Those spirits hovering just above the water—are they lost souls or something much worse? Whatever you do, don’t listen to the voices…unless you want to find yourself drowning. Will you resist the siren calls of the sea or succumb to a watery grave?

Hundreds have suffered this painful fate, but if you think you can outlast the sea’s temptation and survive the treacherous depths that beckon, then prepare to test your resilience and determination like never before.

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Get ready for a haunted experience like no other. Think you have what it takes to brave all 5 terrors? Tickets are good for all Fright Fest adventures. This is the point of no return.